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10 . . . 9 . . . 8

10 . . . 9 . . . 8

Count down the days to 2021 with these custom countdown calendars

We’re all ready to put 2020 behind us and what better way to count down the days in desperation than with unique custom countdown calendars. They are fun, quirky and suit anyone on your gift list… including one for non-humans!

It’s everything you needed to survive the worst 2020 had to offer. While many of these are Christmas themed, you can cheat and countdown to any event (especially with the boozy ones)!

10 retro radio parts

retro radio Countdown

Keep busy by building a retro FM radio! Every day you get a new part to experiment with in putting together your radio. 24 days of parts, but in typical fashion, you still have to provide the batteries!

9 grizzled gremlins


31 days of creepy (and sometimes cute) Gremlin figures from the movie! Help Gizmo find all the Gremlins and mean Mogwai before they find him.

8 friendly fizzers

Friends countdown calendar

How you doin? For the Friends fan, a 12 day calendar of bath fizzlers filled with different antics from Friends. Stream your favorite Friends episode from your laptop while enjoying a bath at the end of the day. Doesn’t get much better than that.

7 merry melodies

For those that start playing holiday music before Thanksgiving, you’ll love this Sound Sentiments advent calendar. Scratch off a new day, scan the code and get a new holiday classic song to play.

6 pack of beer

Beer custom countdown calendars

Survive the holidays…or any 12 day stretch with a beer advent calendar! Every day, open a cold one and enjoy a different craft beer.

5 horror scenes

30 days of totally awesome and totally creepy 1980s horror movies. Each day, open up a scary scene from a different movie. Extra credit if you watch the full movies every night.

4 hungry kitties

fancy feast advent

Advents aren’t only for humans these days! Let your cats get in on the fun too with this Purina Fancy Feast advent calendar. Warning: they may be spoiled when the 24 days are up.

3 hobby models

VW Bulli Calendar

In just 24 days you can have your own Volkswagen Bulli! A miniature version that is. Every day unlocks a new part to build the car of your hippie dreams.

2 whiskey samplers

whiskey of the world

This is just what you need to survive the remaining days of 2020! The Flaviar Advent Calendar will introduce you to a new whiskey from around the world every day for 24 days.  Drink up!

1 daring couple

couples advent custom countdown calendars

Spice up your relationship with a couples advent calendar. Every day, open the box and choose from one of three activities to do together. They range from fun, romantic to adventurous and are sure to make those days quarantining together much more enjoyable!

How are you counting down to 2021? Send us your custom countdown calendar ideas and we can help turn them into reality with our scratch-off advents!