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2020: as told by humorous creatives

2020 in graphics

2020: as told by humorous creatives

a look back so we can all remember the insanity

It’s 2021! Hallelujah. And just like that all the worries of yesteryear have just vanished away.* 

Before we officially say goodbye to 2020 for good, let us not forget the craziness that we just lived through. So here’s a snippet of the year, as seen through the eyes of some very creative graphic designers and illustrators, who were able to bring us a little bit of levity through their designs. 

*Disclaimer: So unfortunately our worries didn’t vanish, we are still in the thick of it, and the hangover from it all will be brutal. But we can pretend for now. Ok?

all the things

quarantine things

Ahh the first few weeks of Quarantine when we thought it would be short-lived and we crammed in so many activities into a short time period while working from home. We even started playing Animal Crossing ourselves!

Designer: Lilla Bardenova

the gift that keeps on giving

Joe Exotic Playing Card

Tiger King was so ridiculous on so many levels and we were here for it. It really provided so many memes this year – and even inspired a playing card design.

Designer: Michaell Penda

showing it’s easy to stay home

We were asked to stay home. A lot. For those that found that hard, here’s a how-go guide

Designer: Henry Abonyi

celebrating the small things

Little Wins Poster

Let’s be honest, there wasn’t much to celebrate in 2020. Which meant that the smallest wins turned into big victories. Keeping a plant alive. Not butchering your hair during a diy haircut. Wearing pants on a zoom call. Staying focused on said zoom call.  All things to celebrate.

Designer: Nina Cosford

mailing a laugh

Ritzy Rose Cards

We’ve already shown you some of our favorite quarantine-related cards out there, but we just can’t stop sharing them.

Designer: Ritzy Rose as seen in Rolling Stone

so many banana breads

Chiquita banana bread

Who else joined the Quarantine-15 club this year? Pretty sure I can blame all those banana breads I made at the beginning of the pandemic for helping me pack on the pounds. Even Chiquita had to get in on the action!

Designer: Chiquitabanna

social distancing mistakes

text your ex poster

It got lonely when staying at home. Hopefully, you resisted the urge to quarantine-text. It’s like drunk texting but without the blackouts.

Designer: Annie Atkins

it’s not a chin strap

mask wearing poster

We first heard from a few they may not effective, then we learned they may just save our lives. There were designer ones, homemade ones and some crazy ones. But the craziest thing about masks was just how people were wearing them.

Designer: Pavel Trávníček

the voice of reason

Fauci Poster

It was a tough year, made even harder with the Presidential elections. And while he may not have been on the ticket, I think we can all agree that this guy won us over this year.

Designer: Jason Irla for Viral Art Project

a light at the end of the tunnel

vaccine image

The news we were all waiting for… the vaccines were approved! Thank you to the health workers, first responders and scientists who have worked tirelessly to help us see light as we start to turn the corner in this pandemic! 

Designer: Aleksandrov Oleksandr

Well, that was a year! We are so happy to see it in our rear-view mirror. Here’s to a happier and much healthier 2021!