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5 fun gender reveals to up the ante on the big surprise

mr scratch off fun gender reveal cards

5 fun gender reveals to up the ante on the big surprise

we rounded up our favorites and threw in a bonus reveal just for you!

We revel in the reveals here at Mr. Scratch Off. Our excitement runs high as the anticipation mounts. Our competitive nature comes out in making guesses and hoping we are right. And then the surprise and joy in the actual reveal. Of course for us, we are talking about the reveal in a scratch-off, but the same can be true for other surprises.

As August and September are the most popular months for births, we thought it was a good time to look at one of the fun parts of pregnancy – the gender reveal! Gender reveals have been on the rise since 2011. It’s no surprise why they’ve become so popular with everyone sharing their lives on social media around the same time.

Obviously we love a good reveal but we also love a party (even at a distance!). We love celebrating moments of joy with friends and family. And we love sharing the reveal online for the world to join in on the fun.

our 5 favorite gender reveals

There are so many creative and fun gender reveal ideas out there – some understated and others over-the-top but all fun. We’ve rounded up our favorite unique ideas here – many that work while social distancing!

1. epic pillow fight

Act like a kid again with an epic pillow fight! We are crazy for this idea. Stuff the pillows with blue or pink feathers and start the fight.

pillow fight fun gender ideas
Jeanne Mitchum Photography

2. let them eat cake

Using food for the big surprise is not only delicious but makes for a fun reveal at the same time. We love the way this cake is decorated, but we all know it’s what’s inside that counts!

3. let’s taco ’bout it

Who doesn’t love a good theme party – especially when tacos are involved?  A fiesta theme party has it all — bright colors, margaritas, chips and salsa, and a pinata! This one filled with either blue or pink candies is just waiting to be busted open to reveal the gender.

fiesta party fun gender reveal
Michelle Kim Photography, DIY Network

4. distant but always connect

We know that so many gender reveals have gone online these days and we love that has free Zoom backgrounds designed by independent artists for the occasion. Set the tone for your virtual party right away with a fun backdrop.

zoom background fun gender reveal
Small Talk by Maja Cunningham,

5. the one that got away

And of course, if you know us, then you know some of the best reveals are the ones that got away. Watching them on YouTube is our guilty pleasure. 🤫 So many include balloons that go flying away with the answers inside them!

6. extra extra! mr. scratch off has awesome gender reveal cards

Surprise! We couldn’t just stop at our 5 top reveals and leave off our favorite. We think the most classic way to tell someone big news is to say it with a card. Our gender reveal cards are perfect for telling the father they are going to be a #girldad or to tell your loved one (from a safe 6 feet away!) the big news. Just make sure they facetime with you when they scratch the card so you can revel in the reveal with them.

mr scratch off fun gender reveal cards

Get your revealing scratch off cards at and tag us on instagram when you share the big news!