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festive scratch offs for your holiday marketing campaign

reward loyalty scratch offs

festive scratch offs for your holiday marketing campaign

stand out from the crowd and boost your revenue with our cards

We love the holiday season any year. Twinkle lights are everywhere, Christmas cookies are plentiful and the wallets are open!  And this year, most businesses really need those dollars flowing. We know it’s been a rough year, but don’t despair, holiday retail sales are still expected to be higher than in 2019.

We’ve already improved your holiday campaign ideas, and now we have the one thing to help you stand out from the crowd even more! We are talking about a powerful tool for generating new leads, increasing sales, boosting brand awareness, and building loyalty among your customers.

So what are we talking about? Scratch-off cards, of course!  If you think the reveal from a scratch off is already exciting, just wait until holiday time when the Christmas music is flowing and people are on a sugar high from the candy canes. Throw in a fun and engaging game with a scratch-off card and you are sure to bring the holiday cheer to any marketing campaign and meet those end-of-year holiday goals.

5 types of holiday scratch offs to get everyone feeling merry

Are you ready to double the fun for your customers and increase your sales for the holiday season? We have 5 types of scratch offs that are sure to get everyone in the spending mood.

attract new customers with a discount

discount scratcch off card

Everyone loves a discount, especially new customers. In fact, 80% of shoppers said they feel encouraged to make a first-time purchase with a brand that is new to them if they found an offer or discount. If you are looking to attract new customers this holiday season, scratch-off discount cards are the perfect way to do so. Whether you mail your cards, hand them out at an event or as they walk in the door, people’s excitement levels will rise as they scratch off to reveal the discount. Not only is it fun, but they will spend time engaging with the card – and your brand in the process.

reward loyalty with free gifts

reward loyalty scratch offs

Offer exclusive incentives to repeat customers to keep them loyal to your brand. When they make a purchase from you, present the scratch-off card as a free gift. Give away a free or discounted service, branded swag, or $10 off a purchase. The thrill of winning may even keep them coming back for more chances to win.

share tips and show off your expertise

share tips scratch off

We love this holiday card from with 10 tips for a successful new year. As a customer or potential customer scratches off each number, they are getting a useful tip or insight that they will be able to use in the coming year. This not only shows the company’s expertise but builds trust and loyalty with the customer.

create holiday-themed gift cards

holiday theme scratch offs gift card

Gift cards are a $127 billion industry and the most requested gift during the holidays. Do you offer gift cards as part of your products or services portfolio? If not, what are you waiting for? The holidays are a perfect time to launch a scratch-off gift card collection. It makes the gift-giving even more fun with double the excitement. The gift is the card itself, but the reward from scratching reveals just how much the card is worth. Joy all around.

send fun holiday cards

holiday cards scratch off

Holiday cards for your customers, clients and staff are a great way to bring goodwill, offer gratitude and build brand awareness. Stand out from the crowd of other holiday cards with a scratch-off holiday card! With our exclusive full-color technology, the top scratch layer of your card can be anything from a fun illustration to a photo to scratch. Make your cards fun and interactive this holiday season. 

Now that the creative juices are flowing, are you ready to put the jolly in your holiday marketing campaign? Contact us today to get started on your holiday scratch offs order.