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fun ways to send thanks this season

fun ways to send thanks this season

from pop-ups to scratch-offs, we found the perfect thank you greeting card for everyone on your list

It’s the season of giving thanks but we don’t believe you need a “season” to bring a smile to your loved one’s face by telling them you appreciate them. The best way to tell them? A thank you greeting card. 

Snail mail has been making a comeback as a way to stay close during these social distancing times. So we thought it was a great time to round up our favorite types of greeting cards to show your gratitude. We’ve got a card for everyone on your mind this year.

for those ready to say goodbye to 2020

There are some really creative quarantine related greeting cards out there. It’s a great way to spread a little joy and laughter during these trying times. 

for those that like a pop of surprise

These pop-up cards use cool technology like 3-D modeling and lasers to create a fun surprise every time you open the card.

for those plant parents in your life

These cards take environmental-friendly to a whole new level. Printed on recycled seed paper, these cards blossom into wildflowers when planted. It’s the card that keeps on giving.

for those that appreciate tradition

As one of the oldest forms of printing, we love that letterpress printing has made a huge resurgence in recent decades. There are so many small greeting card businesses printing original illustrations on vintage letterpress printers on Etsy!

for those that like to revel in the reveal

Of course, we had to add our own scratch-off cards to the list! Make the experience of receiving a greeting card even better with the thrill of the scratch to reveal a fun message.

These cards are great for saying thanks all year round. Your friends and family will love them. You are welcome. You can thank us with a card if you’d like. Our address is below. 😉