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how full color brings the “wow” factor

full color ebook cover

how full color brings the “wow” factor

designing your scratch off with the entire color wheel

Not to brag but there is something that we are really good at. In fact, so good that no other scratch off business even attempts it! I’m talking about color. Full color. Multiple colors. All the colors of the rainbow… and more.

Gone are the days where your scratch off card had to use traditional gold or silver scratch areas. With our exclusive full-color technology, the top layer isn’t a dull afterthought but instead full of colorful possibilities. We don’t limit the colors you use or the placement of your scratch off areas, which means you don’t have to limit your imagination in creating an interactive marketing campaign.

And speaking of campaigns… we’ve been honing our strategy for killer scratch off marketing plans for years that is sure to delight and excite your customers — and boost revenue! We are sharing all of the details with you in our new Master Plan e-book. In it, we make it easy to design your scratch offs and plan a winning campaign to take your sales or marketing to the next level.  We walk you through all of the steps including determining your goals, setting your budget, designing your card, and tracking your results.

sneak peek | design your full-color scratch off

To get started planning your full-color scratch offs, we are giving you a sneak peek today into the creative process to design your killer scratch off. Follow these three steps for a winning look:

1. delight your customers with the type of reveal

When designing your scratch off, start with the fun: the reveal. Let’s be honest, what goes under a scratch off is really where the party is. So, think through the base layer and what type of reveal or reward you want for your customers. There are several types of reveals: a transformation with a before and after image; a discount or a prize (25% off coupon or a free meal), or even a fun message or joke.

Full color transformation
full color discounts
full color messages
full color prizes

2. make it a game

Our favorite reveals always involve a game. Getting something for free is always a good feeling but why waste an opportunity to maximize your campaign by adding a little more fun to it. Instead of giving customers an easy win, make it a more interactive experience with a quick game.

  • Bingo: Match winning spots on your bingo card and connect 4 or 5 spots in a row to win.
  • Match game: Match 2 or 3 of the same prize or icon to win.
full color bingo and match

3. bring in the full color

Not only is full color more exciting, but it’s been proven that color is key to enhancing our visual experiences, including when it comes to marketing. Research shows that it increases brand recognition by up to 80%, improves readership by 40% and that 85% of consumers base their buying decisions on color.

33% of readers are more attracted to full-color printing versus single color printing.


So what are you waiting for? Take a look at these colorful examples you can use that are guaranteed to excite and attract your customers:

brand colors

Consistent branding helps your customers recognize your work — and connect or engage — with you. Using your brand colors will draw in your customers with a fun and delightful experience.

full color brand example


Illustrations are a fun and unique way to utilize a full-color reveal to make it more interactive. Aren’t you curious what happens when you scratch Rick’s back?

full color illustration example


Did you know you can actually use a photo for your scratch off layer? Imagine the possibilities with travel, entertainment, food, and virtually any marketing you can think of!

full color scratch off example

ready, set… go!

Ready to get your design on?  Through August 12, 2020, we are giving all customers 20% off full-color scratch offs.*  Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Download our e-book and contact us to get started and your full-color discount!


*For 20% off full color scratch offs, use the code FULLCOLOR20 when you contact us for a quote. Discount is good for quantities of 10,000 full color scratch off cards or less. Discount valid until 08/12/2020.