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the joy of the unexpected reveal

emoji stickers crying and laughing surprise videos

the joy of the unexpected reveal

cheer up with these heart-warming surprise videos

Well, 2021… you haven’t exactly lived up to the hype, have you? We thought by ushering in the new year, we could leave all of the craziness of 2020 behind us. Clearly, the universe wasn’t as ready for us to move on as we were. Not to worry though, we are here to lighten up your day with the best surprise videos.

You know we love a surprise. In fact, we revel in them. After all, that’s what scratch-off cards are all about – the reveal! We only wish that we were there to watch every person scratch off one of our customer’s cards! To see the excitement in their faces as they begin to remove the scratch layer and then the joy as they unveil the hidden message. We like to pretend it’s a little like the reactions from these videos.

Did you know yesterday was Blue Monday? It’s the most depressing day of the year according to scientists. The holiday fun is over but the remnants still linger with those extra pounds and credit card bills coming in. Then there is the not so great weather. And that’s before you add current events. Yep, even more, reasons to combat the negativity with these compilation videos. We dare you not to laugh out loud or get teary-eyed while watching!

puppies in a box

Truly, does it get any cuter? Please feel free to show up at my door and surprise me with a puppy in a box. I promise you’ll get a good reaction!

gifts too good to be true

You get a car. You get a car. Everyone gets a car! I bet these gift-givers felt like Oprah with these screams.

reflection in the wild

Ever wonder what happens when you build a mirror in the middle of the jungle? These animals are really quite taken with themselves.

sappy homecomings

Just try not to cry. There is just nothing more heartwarming than a soldier surprising their family members at home after a long deployment.

life-changing with the click of a mouse

No more of the days when you walk to the mailbox and pray for the large envelope with the welcome packet. Watch these high school seniors find out if they got into their college of choice with a click of the mouse.

So how did we do? Did we make your day just a little bit better with these? Do you have a good surprise video? Share it with us!