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these companies upped the ante for halloween with creative revealing and scary ads

Pair of Thieves halloween scratch off scary ads

these companies upped the ante for halloween with creative revealing and scary ads

a look at the top ads that left us shocked and awestruck

This marketing is so good, you will jump out of your seats. Halloween can bring out the best in creative advertisers. There is a natural high that comes from the fight or flight response of being scared or shocked. Some people love it and some hate it. One thing’s for sure, they all remember it and these advertisements take advantage of it. From billboards to commercials, here are some of our favorites revealing and scary ads.

it comes to life at dark

A billboard impaled with blood stakes is creepy enough during the day. As the sun sets, however, it will stop you dead in your tracks. The stakes positioned perfectly, reveal Dracula’s silhouette at night. Well done, BBC!

a twisted ride

Did anyone else avoid cabs for a while after watching the taxi scene in the Bone Collector? In Lyft’s Strange Mode commercial where they teamed up with the Stranger Things show, a normal ride takes a serious and dark twist as passengers are locked in a car turned haunted house.

a clever peep show

This billboard takes revealing to a new level as it gets a little NSFW when the wind blows the skirt and you get a little peep show. Very clever for a show about the secret life of a real call girl. It definitely piques curiosity about the show.

scary enough to give you arachnophobia

This commercial starts off in a dark and scary looking place. You realize it’s the home of a black widow spider. Soon the beast is on the loose and is charging for you. Thank god it’s only the Audi RS4. 

a rusty transformation

Another billboard, another amazing transformation. To promote Tyrolit’s Iceline knives, a billboard with a metallic surface was put up that slowly was eaten away. After 30 days, every surface except the shape of the knife and words translated to “Flawless.Forever.” was fully covered in rust.

Tyrolit knife billboard scary ad

throwing creepy shade at the competition

To edge out their competitor McDonald’s, Burger King launched a #scaryclownnight event to encourage people to dress as clowns for free whoppers. Clever, but this ad is scary enough to make us want to never step foot in a Burger King again!

Every year companies try to outdo themselves with even more outrageous and scary ads. What’s got you shaking in your boots?