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To emoji or not to emoji

To emoji or not to emoji

How using emojis for your digital marketing can boost engagements

If you ever thought adding emojis to your marketing may be overkill, guess again. Turns out our brains process them as emotions. According to researchers, when we see emojis in a message, we light up the same way as if we see someone’s face. That means our brains can pick up on a tone, emotion and personality with a cute, one-character symbol.

With all of the content consumers receive on a daily basis, finding ways to stand out in the crowd is important. Emojis help you shorten your messages and connect more personally with your core audience. If that doesn’t give you enough reason to include emojis in your marketing efforts, know that they can also help increase engagement. Take a look at these compelling statistics:

  • Tweets using emojis saw a 25.4% increase in engagements.
  • Facebook posts with emojis resulted in 57% more likes and 33% more comments and shares.
  • Instagram content with emojis saw a jump of 48% engagement.
  • Email open rates increased by 29% and click-through rates by 28% in one test when an emoji was included in the subject line.

Most popular emojis on Twitter

emoji face with tears of joy
face with tears of joy
emoji red heart
red heart
face with heart eyes
face with heart eyes

Using emojis in your marketing can be as simple as adding the appropriate emoji at the end of your caption or subject line, but we love when brands take it up a notch. Here are some creative ideas to really catch the attention of your followers:

  1. Create a checklist for your followers

Who doesn’t like crossing things off a to-do list? Here Google Small Business gives followers an easy list of how to help local businesses.

  1. Use emojis in the image or video to better convey your message

Sometimes you don’t always have the right photo to get your message across. Enter emojis. We love McDonald’s use of the clapping hands to praise healthcare workers.

  1. Make it a game!

Have your followers decode your caption by replacing some of the words with emojis. Not only do we “enjoy the go” but we also enjoy reading Charmin’s captions.

Which emoji to use?

While using emojis can be beneficial in your marketing campaigns, you need to make sure you are using the right one and in the right context, since they can be interpreted in many different ways. While we are all for creative emoji uses, some may not be what you think they are or may even be NSFW 🙈

Crying faces | tears of joy

There are a LOT of emojis with crying faces, but make sure you don’t confuse the happy tears from the sad tears.

emoji rolling on the floor laughing
rolling on the floor laughing
emoji face with tears of joy
face with tears of joy
emoji sweat smile
sweat smile

Crying faces | tears of sadness

emoji sad
emoji loudly crying
loudly crying
emoji sad relieved
sad but relieved

Misunderstood emojis

The original meaning for these emojis is very different from how we actually use them.

emoji information desk lady
sass or idk is information desk lady
emoji dizzy
looks like a shooting star but is actually dizzy
emoji triumph
angry or frustrated? nope, this is triumph

The NSFW ones

As for these emojis, let’s just say we recommend thinking twice before using them unless you are in the bedroom (wink wink). We’ll let your imagination take it from here.

emoji eggplant
emoji victory hand
emoji peach
emoji smiling imp

If you are ever in doubt of what an emoji means, search for it on Emojis Wiki.

Coming soon!

At Mr. Scratch Off, we love using emojis in our captions and now in our products. And if you love emojis as much as we do, you are going to love our new emoji scratch-off stickers coming soon to our shop.

Emoji marketing sticker

They are so simple to use. You write your super funny, super smart, kinda blunt but not too mean message on our writable stickers. Then stick a matching emoji on top and give it to your super funny, kinda smart, mildly annoying bff/sibling/coworker/teacher… you get the point. The fun really comes in when they scratch the sticker to reveal your hidden message and (hopefully) laugh hysterically!

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