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warning: the most outrageous holiday limited edition foods for 2020 may turn your stomach

warning: the most outrageous holiday limited edition foods for 2020 may turn your stomach

ranking the holiday food tradition and showing how you can jump on the marketing trend

Who doesn’t love a gimmick, especially during the holiday season? For as long as we can remember, companies have been releasing limited-edition versions of their products as a way to entice customers. There is a sense of urgency to purchase a fleeting item. Combine that with the joy of the holidays and you have a winning marketing idea. 

Leave it to the food companies to jump on this marketing strategy in the best and craziest of ways for the biggest food holiday season of the year. In the past, we’ve seen Turducken Pringles, Cheetos Snowflakes, and Hot-Cocoa Oreos. So what is in store for us this year? We are ranking our top 5 favorite holiday limited edition foods, from most crave-worthy to most controversial here:

5: m&m’s flavored sugar cookie

I will for sure be buying these M&Ms this year: a white chocolate coating with a crunchy cookie middle? Sign me up. Sugar cookies are very trendy this year. Hershey’s also announced their holiday kisses flavor is sugar cookie and General Mills is rereleasing their Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch cereal for the season.

M&M Sugar Cookie Holiday limited-edition food

4: elf cereal

Who doesn’t love Buddy the Elf? General Mills is jumping on the popular holiday movie bandwagon with this cereal. Of course, this cereal is maple-flavored with Christmas tree-shaped marshmallows so it is Buddy approved and sure to spread holiday cheer.

Holiday limited-edition food Elf Cereal

3. resse’s white elephant

Forgot to pick up a white elephant present for the gift exchange? Hershey’s has you covered. It even comes in a gift box if you are extra lazy this year!


2: pumpkin-shaped pizza

While I appreciate the effort to expand the Halloween flavored foods out of the candy aisle and into the freezer section, this feels like a stretch. But with the pizza topped with butternut squash, it’s another way to get your kids to eat their vegetables!

1:  turkey dinner candy corn

So unbelievable it had to win our top spot of the most outrageous limited edition foods. Candy Corn is already the most hotly-contested Halloween candies causing many debates among families, mine included. And now they are bringing it back… for Thanksgiving? I’m the candy corn lover in my household but I just can’t get behind a savory version. Sorry, Brach’s!

Turkey Dinner Candy Corn

What’s your favorite on the list? Did it spur any ideas of your own? Regardless of whether you are into the festive food trend, creating a special edition product, sale or another type of gimmick is a great way to stay ahead of the competition. Bring in new customers and give your revenue a last-minute boost before closing out the new year with a fun holiday surprise. If you are looking for new ways to incorporate that holiday magic into your brand, we have just the thing with our holiday custom scratch-off ideas