frequently asked questions

q. how many different prizes am I allowed?

a. You can have unlimited custom printed prizes on your Scratch Off cards. Please provide a spreadsheet with the breakdown of prizes. If you need help, call us at 855-979-7416.

q. how many Scratch Off areas can my Scratch Off cards have?

a. Our Standard pricing includes 1-3 Scratch Off areas. We will send you a template of all standard areas with your quote. If you need more Scratch Off areas, contact us for a custom printed scratch off ticket/card quote.

q. what kind of prizes can I have under the Scratch Off area?

a. You can have any type of prize that you want. If you need us to Manage, Track and Handle the Fulfillment of your prizes call us at 855-979-7416.

q. what sizes of Scratch Off areas do you have available? Can they be placed anywhere on the cards?

a. We offer Standard Scratch Off cards in many sizes and shapes or we can create as Custom Scratch Off card with as many locations as you want. These can be placed anywhere on the card.

q. can I customize the shape and size of the Scratch Off area?

a. Yes, No Problem!

q. do you charge a set-up fee?

a. Not for Standard Scratch off cards or tickets. Custom Printed Scratch Off’s are subject to a set up fee.

q. will my winners be sorted from my non-winners?

a. You can decide, it is your world and we are here to please.

q. can my prizes be tracked?

a. Yes, we can track your Custom Printed Scratch Off cards or tickets numerically through a control, pin number or barcode, allowing you and us to know exactly which cards have what prizes. To be sure that you receive exactly what you request, this process is restricted to authorized personnel only.

q. where will the control numbers be printed?

a. Front, Back, Top, or Bottom you just need to tell us where to put it! And we will gladly do so!

q. can I have my cards shrink-wrapped for me?

a. We shrink-wrap all Standard Printed Scratch off Cards. If you have a Custom Printed Scratch off Card we will look to your guidance on how to package the job.

q. can I see a physical card before the order is printed?

a. Yes, for a small fee you can choose to receive a match proof of your project.

q. do you sell your Scratch Off cards and maps wholesale?

a. Yes, we sell our designs through retailers all over the country. Our goal is to bring new designs and creative Scratch Off products to market. If you are interested in carrying our products please call us at 855-979-7416 for details on how to become a Mr. Scratch Off wholesaler.