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Give donating a powerful boost with the thrill of scratch off fundraiser cards.

scratch off fundraiser card

give cards to your ambassadors

donors scratch to reveal their donation

collect over $95 profit per card


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Need to raise money quickly? Our scratch off templates can jumpstart your fundraising.

Big and little leagues alike can use our baseball scratch offs to raise money for new equipment, travel, or just an extra boost.

Starting at $57.39 for 10

customize home run >

Go man to man with our basketball themed scratch offs and make your next fundraiser a slam dunk.

Starting at $57.39 for 10

customize slam dunk >

Need a helping hand? You’re in luck! Our helping hand fundraiser cards can be used for a variety of causes and charities.

Starting at $57.39 for 10

customize helping hand >

Rake in the coins using our easy money fundraiser design. With over $95 profit collected per card, your fundraiser will be on easy street.

Starting at $57.39 for 10

customize easy money >

Top off your fundraising efforts or create an emergency fund for your cause with our charitable tip jar design.

Starting at $57.39 for 10

customize tip jar >

need something custom?

Check out our different custom scratch off options. Start by choosing your scratch off color.

There’s a reason they’re classic. Our gold and silver scratch off layer is everything you’ve come to expect in a scratch off

Starting at $428 for 500

choose classic >

Not your average scratch off, we use every color at our disposal to create a bright and vibrant scratch layer.

Starting at $773 for 500

choose full color >